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The good news is cheaper phones are improving too, often at an even faster rate than the big shots. Despite being the cheapest in the range, it still chucks in a number of treats that used to be the preserve of pricier phones. Motorola Moto G7 Play in figures Operating system: Android 9. With a teardrop notch that makes most others look overly chunky, the P Smart is one of the most modern-looking budget phones available, although the back is made of plastic rather than glass. What you can have, however, is a 6. As you might expect the camera is more acceptable than impressive, although it does better in the dark than a lot of its rivals.

Huawei P Smart in figures Operating system: For starters it runs Android One, so you get a slightly purer experience than on some cheaper phones, although Motorola has still included a couple of its Moto Actions - gestures you perform in order to launch the camera or turn the torch on and off. Whether you ever use them or not is a different matter entirely.

Best budget smartphone The best cheap phones you can buy in the UK | Expert Reviews

Underneath the 5. An affordable way to get hold of a reliable, modern-looking phone with a few extra tricks up its sleeve. Motorola One in figures Operating system: Android 8. The mAh battery will easily get you through a day of heavy use, and while it charges by micro USB rather than new-fangled USB-C, that just means you have more people to borrow a charger from. Honor 8X in figures Operating system: Honor's 7X has a 5. The This phone also has a much higher-res camera than many in its class, with a megapixel sensor.

The other thing that stops the Honor 7X from ruling this list is battery life. Honor 7X in figures Operating system: The 5.

Aren't modern smartphones excellent? It's like having a mini-supercomputer in your pocket compared to the bulky handsets of old. Technology, on the whole, has been getting better every year and — crucially — much cheaper, too.

Best budget smartphone 12222: The best cheap phones you can buy in the UK

You no longer need to hand over wallet-wilting sums of cash for your annual smartphone upgrade. Move your gaze away from those usual smartphone flagship big-hitters and you'll find yourself a fantastically priced bargain, as there are some cracking budget smartphones to be found. Yes, those headline-grabbing flagships such as Samsung's Galaxy S9 and the iPhone X are wonderful, but you no longer have to spend top dollar for a great smartphone experience.

Would you like to know more? Well, that's where we come in. These are the very best budget smartphones you can buy in That means we can definitively give you a heads up which budget smartphone is perfect for you.

We rundown the best cheap smartphones on the market

Take a look below and you'll spot our regularly curated list of the best budget smartphones you can buy, as well as a helpful budget smartphone buying guide. The best iPhone and Android phone deals. Picking the perfect budget phone isn't easy and there are all sorts of factors to consider when making your purchase.

As a result, if you have the cash, we recommend that you buy one SIM-free.

Price comparison: Find the best deal for your next phone

You can then find the right SIM-only deal from any network and sell your phone when you want to upgrade. If you don't have the cash upfront, you'll need to go for a contract deal, but these don't tend to be great value for budget phones as you end up spending so much more by the time your contract period ends.

With budget phones, there isn't much choice when it comes to mobile operating systems. Bar one exception, every budget smartphone is running on Google's increasingly-popular OS, Android.

Rest assured, though: Android is very easy to use whether you're a first-time user or mobile veteran. Just make sure to check which Android version the phone is running as older versions may no longer be supported with regular security updates and lack in essential features. If iOS is more your thing, you only have one choice. Apple's dinky iPhone SE might be long in the tooth, but it's still on sale and remains an excellent budget Apple device. Generally speaking, iOS offers a far more streamlined experience, with apps appearing first on Apple's storefront, but lacks the sheer customisability of Android.

While flagship phones are fitted with the best, biggest and highest resolution screens, you can still find budget smartphones with high-quality displays. Cheap handsets these days usually have a minimum screen resolution of 1, x , but some slightly more expensive alternatives offer Full HD 1, x 1, resolution displays for sharper viewing. Nearly all of the budget smartphones we recommend use LCD panel technology, which is more than good enough. However, we're now starting to see AMOLED displays crop up at the lower end of the scale as well, as with Samsung's budget phones, which produce even better colours and much deeper blacks.

Read our full reviews if you want to know the details of how good a phone's screen is.

Get a great cheap phone deal and score the latest handset features but at a budget price

Budget phones, as the name suggests, aren't equipped with top-end internals. But that's not to say their performance is bad — far from it as we're starting to see reasonably high clock speed chips make an appearance in handsets at the bottom end of the spectrum. To get a good idea of what to expect from a phone's performance, you'll want to look at the clock speed of the chip measured in GHz and how much RAM is inside anything more than 4GB will suffice. Battery life is a crucial aspect of whether a phone is good or not, and each phone's stamina is different.

However, one of the most interesting features is the software rather than the hardware, as this thing runs Android Go, which comes with minimal bloat and lighter versions of key apps, so you space goes further and your phone runs more smoothly. The LG K8 also has 1. The front stands out too, thanks to 2. It has a massive 6. Elsewhere the specs are more ordinary but by no means disappointing given the price. Oh, and it runs Android Oreo.

Best cheap smartphones 12222: the best cheap phones for every budget

Not bad at all. Or how about the newer Honor 6A? Or for just a little more you can grab the Honor 7A , which packs a bigger 5. It sports a 5.

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Whether you are on a really tight budget or just want to save a bit of money, one of these phones should suit. Samsung Cashback. Free Google Home Mini. Free Xiaomi Band 3. SIM Only Offers.