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3. GK Current Affair SSC-IBPS-IAS. This app provides GK quiz and knowledge on a broad range of topics. The app has quite well designed.

Walkthrough Part Challenge C2. Walkthrough Part Challenge C3. Walkthrough Part Challenge C4. Walkthrough Part Challenge C5. Walkthrough Part Challenge C6. Walkthrough Part Challenge C7. Walkthrough Part Challenge C8. Walkthrough Part Challenge C9. Walkthrough Part Challenge C Walkthrough Part Challenge D1. Walkthrough Part Challenge D2.

Walkthrough Part Challenge D3. Walkthrough Part Challenge D4. Walkthrough Part Challenge D5. Walkthrough Part Challenge D7. Walkthrough Part Challenge D8. Walkthrough Part Challenge D9. Walkthrough Part Challenge D Walkthrough Part Challenge E1. Walkthrough Part Challenge E2. Walkthrough Part Challenge E3.

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Walkthrough Part Challenge E4. Walkthrough Part Challenge E5. Walkthrough Part Challenge E6. Walkthrough Part Challenge E7. Walkthrough Part Challenge E8.

Walkthrough Part Challenge D10 for Hearts Medicine: Doctors Oath

Walkthrough Part Challenge E Walkthrough Part Challenge F1. Walkthrough Part Challenge F2. Walkthrough Part Challenge F3. Walkthrough Part Challenge F4. Walkthrough Part Challenge F5. Walkthrough Part Challenge F6. I loved the Portal references. The shifting ability was really cool. This game goes straight to my Favorites! I've tried reloading the page several times, but to no avail. Ok I don't know where to click to get the game Click that for the game. Drizzt - I believe Javascript is needed for the Armor Games site.

Do you have it enabled? If not, I don't think the game will load.

  • Walkthrough Part Challenge D10.
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  • How to use Night Shift on iPhone and iPad?
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If you do have Javascript enabled, the game should automatically appear in the center of the page. You do not need to click any game link. Something must have interrupted your initial download. Try emptying your cache and reload the page. I'll bet that fixes it. I liked this game. I really hope it'll be fleshed out a bit more--it's got potential. Right now it's a bit confusing, but I bet with some improvement it could break some new ground on this concept. I thought of this Shift: Great game, love the Portal references. Luckily I never ran into a level that I couldn't not complete bad grammar - don't use no double negatives, kids!

I'm wondering if there's any way to avoid death in the final level, like shifting on the second to last or last, or something? A great experience, and I much prefer Tony's minimalistic style over Nitrome's usual happy pixels for this game. My time was pitiful, but I really enjoyed the game. Short, sweet, and quite fun. Definitely better than the Nitrome take on the subject. When I got the level where it said my timer data was lost, my first thought was: My opnly real complaint is that the vital Shift key was out of my hand's reach area and had to look down for it which made it a bit harder to play - but that was only a minor problem.

Jay - I cleared my cache I'm using Firefox 2. I'm going to try and update my flash player. This game is good enough on its own: I was hoping the character was some kind of magic spy. I only died let's say once, by forgetting that the spikes worked both ways. I'd have liked to have seen a usual problem for platformers such as an obstacle that quickly descends from the ceiling to crush you that you can just bypass by shifting. That'd be funny on its own.

Jay - that's odd, it seems that all of the games have the same problem Maybe it's a problem on my end somehow? I'm wondering if some of you Firefox users installed the NoScript extension and are unaware of how to manipulate it. Corona, if I was included in that, then no, I have nothing that deals with javascript manipulation, or even anything that elimates javascript the ones that are enabled, anyways.

Calculator The Game: Complete Walkthrough Guide and Solutions

I do happen to have adblock plus, but since the games are appearing, it shouldn't be an issue as in, they aren't blocked. EMDF - it has to be something local to your setup. You might want to do some digging googling around looking for compatibility issues with SWFObject , which Armor Games uses to load the game SWFs on its pages, and any browser extensions you have installed.

Way better than Nitrome's attempt, although I too am stuck on the timer level.

Shift 2 Level 6 Walkthrough - iPhone/iPod Touch

Still, yet again, no reference to the first person to think it up. Dyslexic Q-Thief - that's because the concept of negative space is not something anyone can claim as their own. If you play the version of the game hosted here: I can't get through the level where you first encounter the timer, either. What am I missing? Okay, never mind I tried one more time and it turns out if you stand on the very very very very VERY edge of the spikes you can just barely jump over them.

A little more leeway would've been nice, I think Shift seems to load fine but does not respond to my keyboard at all, ever. No other game or app has this problem. What's the deal? Smooth, nice game. A good take on the negative space idea. Only the blood spatters weren't so cool. This would be better if you could play with one hand by jumping with the up button; otherwise, it is impossible to play.

This best part about this game for me was all the references to Portal. As soon as I saw it talking about the trophy being in the next room, I was expecting a pit of flames to greet me. Anyhow, I too liked the entire game and all of the references to Portal.


Surprisingly, I did not expect. I suppose the subject number 36,something should have tipped me off. Overall, this was a fun, short, and atmospheric game that fits its inspiration quite well. With good reason hardly any game does that anymore.

If you play with both hands it's much more convenient to jump with one hand and run with the other. Too bad it only has that few levels, though I understand it probably was quite some work still. I like this much better than the nitrome version. The concept is nice and the design is pretty, but really, the level design is terrible. There is no subtlety or challenge whatsoever in any of the levels. You can find it here: It can also be reused to store different numbers! When a number gets pushed into a spot with an arrow at the bottom, it gets teleported to the spot with the arrow at the top.

Click on the little numbers below to continue to the next page of the walkthrough or click here. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. If you were able to complete level , can I have the solution to ?

Shift - Walkthrough, Tips, Review

Noticed something when trying to find the optimal solution for this: Level 83 can be done in 6 moves instead of 8: Level can be done in 4 moves instead of 6. You start with Inv10 12 becomes 98 move 2: SUM becomes Nice game! List of my optimized solutions: Privacy Policy. Sometimes a promo code is provided for a game, but it does not affect the review in any way.

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