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The settings are simply hidden without a corresponding user interface. Once you find the app, tap Install to install the app to Galaxy S7 as shown below. Once the app is installed, you can find it in apps screen app drawer or Home screen if you chose to hide apps screen in Galaxy S7.

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This is the limitation set by Samsung, not the app. If you are not using power saving mode, and the touch button light is working as expected, you may open the app and check settings. For detailed Galaxy S7 how-to guides, please check Galaxy S7 how-to guides page. Works great on my S7. I get migraines a lot and can sometimes view my screen when the brightness is low but those light up keys killed me. This is much better!

How To Fix The Buttons on an Android Headunit

I think you need to use a video player that supports background playing. You can try VLC player for Android.

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It is free and supports play video in the background when the phone is locked. Please let us know your questions on setting touch key light on Galaxy Note 4 in the comment box below. For other Galaxy Note 4 problems, please check our Galaxy Note 4 how-to guides page.

Galaxy S7 And Galaxy S7 Edge: How Fix Touch Key Light Not Working

I have galaxy note4 sm-nc. This is normal. When you turned on power saving mode, it already told you that the touch key light will be affected. I have reset the phone and still no illumination or responsiveness while using my finger to navigate these buttons! If factory data reset does not solve the issue, you need visit local service center to check the phone.

The keypad light isalways on even if the time is setted that is 1. My touch key light duration and LEDIndicator keep turning off by themselves. My power saving mode is turned off. What is going on? I would like to know if you are in Power Saving mode in Note 4, you are not able to feel any vibrations on the back and home buttons only touch key light?

How to turn off/on the touch key light (return and recent) on Galaxy Note 4?

In note 4, you can configure them individually once power saving mode is enabled. In note 5,you cannot configure them. In Settings—power saving—Power saving mode. Under Restrict performance, you can find the settings.

Touch buttons don't light up | Samsung Galaxy Tab S

I got the updated version of Android Lollipop and it defaulted my features back to S Pen. Please help! When my tab s 8. You may try to clear the cache partition to see whether it helps. Please follow this guide to clear cache partition: If you are really concern it, you can visit the Samsung service center to ask them to check the phone. You can also test the phone in some phone shops. K yea was just curious, I originally had the soft key set on 6 second on but when I when I hit the power button to wake screen up I noticed it look like it faintly lit and then lit up bright,if that makes sence..

Not exactly. But it is possible. Turning off the light is a software control. Flashlight Galaxy. Szymon Dyja.

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