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Mod The Sims - Stop telephonin' me! ~ American Lady Gaga outfit from Telephone *UPDATED!*

Yes, but don't include it, link back here and give me credit. Can you make all Gaga outfits shown on the video? If I want, I will. But please don't request me anything. Can you make more Gaga outfits? Can you upload this sim? It's just my model in disguise, so the answer is no.

Lady GaGa - Telephone (SIMS) Remastered Version

Download files Key: Need help with downloading or installing content? Click this link! Quick Guide: Click the file listed on the Files tab to download the file to your computer.

Extract the zip, rar, or 7z file. Now you will have either a. For Package files: If you do not already have this folder, you should read the full guide to Package files first: Sims 3: Installing Package Files wiki , so you can make sure your game is fully patched and you have the correct Resource. Run the game, and find your content where the creator said it would be build mode, buy mode, Create-a-Sim, etc.

For Sims3Pack files: If you do not have this folder yet, it is recommended that you open the game and then close it again so that this folder will be automatically created. Then you can place the. Load the game's Launcher, and click on the Downloads tab. Find the item in the list and tick the box beside it.

Stop telephonin' me! ~ American Lady Gaga outfit from Telephone *UPDATED!*

Then press the Install button below the list. Wait for the installer to load, and it will install the content to the game. You will get a message letting you know when it's done. You will need a special program for this. Both are free and safe to use. Need more help? If you need more info, see: For package files: Installing Package Files wiki For Sims3pack files: There are all sorts of conspiracy theories surrounding Gaga's possible involvement with the Illuminati —a secret society once formed during the Enlightenment, that is now known as a supposed conspiratorial group trying to establish a "New World Order.

So yeah, she uses occult symbolism. The stars are shaped like a uterus!! A slight rainbow of gay pride emits underneath Gaga as she spreads her arms in the shape of her glowing womb. Alternately, Gaga is also signaling her role as the "Mother" through some crucifixion imagery, likely in the vein of painter Francis Bacon, whom she lists as an inspiration for "BTW. The most obvious and striking image, however is Gaga's birthing scene and how clearly it draws from Salvador Dali's "Geopoliticus Child Watching the Birth of the New Man.

Dali's painting features a figure emerging out an egg-shaped globe from North America, while an androgynous figure stands with a scared child, watching his birth. Gaga plays with the WWII imagery throughout her video; her goal to create a "new race" is no doubt controversial language to use—but she takes the violent and scarred imagery of our world's past and flips it around to mean the exact opposite of what it did in the Holocaust. Gaga champions a race which is built upon the equality and celebration of all different people, creeds, orientations, and walks of life. Next, we're told that a "birth of magnificent and magical proportions" took place on G.

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Really, Lady G? We see what you did there Disgusting gooey birthing scene—TMI is not something this girl understands. A visual interpretation of what Gaga thinks the "mitosis of the future" looks like. High school biology will remind you that mitosis is the process of a single cell dividing into two identical cells. In Gaga-land, this is speaking to the "two ultimate forces" in humanity: Good and Evil. As the eternal mother, Gaga is exercising her power as a woman and giver of life, literally birthing a new race.

The "V" imagery here is another hit-you-over-the-head reference for a vagina, signaling her strength as a woman, and then butterflies fly out from her loins. Illuminati enthusiasts will likely rejoice in the butterfly imagery, which The Vigilant Citizen refers to as a reference to Project Monarch, thought to be a part of Project MK-Ultra, the secret, illegal CIA operation during the ss that used various methods to control individuals' mental states and alter brain functions—what Illuminati refer to as "mind control.

Followers of this theory see the butterfly as a symbol for mind control and transformation.

Deconstructing Lady Gaga's "Telephone" Video

Our guess is that the butterflies represent metamorphosis , renewal, and the "boundless freedom" that Gaga's utopia will feature. The heart formed between Gaga's legs is just another reminder of the most important tenant of Gaga culture: Love thyself. Gaga pushes for a race which "bears no prejudice, no judgment. Bodies writhe on top of each other in a scene of the underworld that's portrayed in the works of Bosch , Rodin , Hans Memling , and Jan van Eyck , not to mention a resemblance to Michelangelo's Last Judgment.

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This birth gives rise to the Evil Gaga—sitting atop her trademark lightning bolts, she delivers forth a huge gun. The gun functions in the video as it would in reality, taking away life—it strips Gaga of her more worldly beauty, leaving her as a skeleton or a ghost of a person. This isn't the first time we've seen a glammed-out Gaga rocking a firearm. But unlike the small, yellow pistol she clumsily plays around with in " Video Phone ," here Gaga is controlled, dark, and busting out the big guns—literally.

The bodies on the ground behind her almost seem to resemble swastikas, a controversial move, but Gaga has a purpose! She does!

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Just like her appropriation of the pink triangle, Gaga attempts to take another stigmatized emblem and take back ownership of its meaning. Here, she harkens back to the Sanskrit swastika—a symbol of good luck and well-being. Equality for all—no matter what religion, faith, or belief you hold! There's also definite visual homage to Madonna's "Express Yourself" video, which everybody needs to get over because Gaga just really loves Madge, okay? Also, they're both borrowing from Fritz Lang, anyway, so In the vein of her idols, Gaga simultaneously asserts her sexuality and averts it with a good ol' crotch grab.

In "Telephone" she put an end to rumors of having a penis, but she continues to play with juxtapositions of sexual expectations and gender roles. She's practically naked, clad in skimpy lingerie, her hair is sexed up, and her makeup is bombshell-in-overdrive. Yet she's barefoot and primal, grabbing junk that she doesn't have, and dancing aggressively.

Our heroine is dancing her heart out, and it's obvious that she's enjoying it; but this can be problematic for some. If she's such a feminist, so publicly pushing a pro-woman agenda, why is she dancing around in an itty-bitty bikini? She's embraced androgyny and loves artists like Marilyn Manson—and she does play that up here—but in truth, she tends to waver on her stance as a feminist.

It's known that in the past, she's both rejected and embraced the label, instead focusing on her hope to create a more inclusive and peaceful community at large. For Gaga, the idea that she couldn't dance around in her lingerie for the sake of feminism is exactly the opposite of what the word means to her. She wants to dress like a dude with masculine shoulders and play the alpha role, but she also wants to shimmy and show off her body. Gaga knows that sex sells, and everything about her career is a self-reflexive meditation on the very things she finds wrong with society.

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Go on, girl. Do your thing. Gaga's third eye is a traditionally colored indigo, known as the "ajna chakra" or the "inner eye," which is known in Hinduism and Buddhism as a gate to higher consciousness. In these faiths, the symbol for the ajna chakra is an inverted triangle within a circle—the triangle metaphor includes not only protection for those struggling with sexual equality but equality on all fronts. While the inner eye is found on one's forehead, Gaga's is on her chin—similar to the look Madonna had going on in "Bedtime Story.