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3. GK Current Affair SSC-IBPS-IAS. This app provides GK quiz and knowledge on a broad range of topics. The app has quite well designed.

BikeMap features , worldwide biking routes, letting you search for routes near you or near the places you plan to visit, then updates in real time to show your location and share it with friends. The BikeMap app got off to a rocky start, with frequent downtimes, problems with translation the team is Germany-based , difficult to read text and a slew of other poor usability issues that users were quick to point out. The app has a three-star rating, but these reviews were for the previous version that has since been fully updated.

The app is up and running much more smoothly since the first go-around, and version 1. Possibly the most all-encompassing biking app out there, BikeBrain is a big win for habitual bikers looking for anything from GPS mapping and in-app picture uploads to sport cyclers looking for heart rate monitoring and training mode features. Plus, the app doesn't need a reminder that you'll want to keep your previous biking routes on hand: This free app, available only on iOS, gets four stars for its consistency, credibility and the fact that it thinks of everything before you do. A biking app for the modern world where efficiency is key, Bike Hub finds your quickest possible biking route from point A to B using both road and cycle paths.

5 reasons why MapMyRide sucks - ScarletFire Cycling

Plus, to make sure that your safety comes first, the app uses voice directions to alert you to upcoming turns or a sudden shortcut. Google knew better. But J. I did the work, I recorded it, I hold the copyright. It works perfectly for what its intended, or better said, It does what I expected to do, this is track my bike rides, basic metrics included, such as Distance, duration, calories burnt and speed. I just love riding my bike and keep track of my workouts.


The smartphone apps are the biggest problem. Every turn of the pedals, rotation of the rear wheel, mile of trail, and beat of my heart was logged and the last hours or so remains in my The final straw for the smartphone app was the day I was on a long ride at the fringe of cell signal where, because of the extreme battery drain with weak cell signal, my phone battery died and left me without ride data or emergency communication. Even if it dies, my phone is still safe, dry, and fully charged in my bag. Oh, one final note, I have both a Strava and a MMR account and both accounts sync data directly from my Garmin Connect account for analysis and reporting.

Get a dedicated GPS bike computer instead of using an app. Hopefully one that syncs to your favorite analysis site.


Your life could literally hang the decision. MMR shows everything during the ride, strava just few items maybe it can be set up, but MMR worked out of the box. I HATE mapmyride.

When a ride uses a MapMyride link to view the map, it is pretty much useless. The course profiles are not detailed enough and the categorization of climbs is horrible, The RideWithGPS website is infinitely better as you can easily download routes, zoom in and view fine details, You can also create your own routes. If you subscribe you get even more really cool benefits. I am a new recruit to the cycling world and have been using MMR since the start, I like it and have yet to suffer any data loss. Maybe you think MMR sucks is because you are cheaping out and not buying it. Like MMR Strava has a free version.

I have been using the free version for years and its better than MMR. MMR consistently records more distance than strava for my rides and I have to upload my tcx on MMR to strava to get accurate rides.

I have never had the problem of MMR running my battery down and I love i can use it off line and it announces every mile my overall distance, speed avg and split speed for the mile. Keeps me knowing where I am at while I ride. ScarletFire is hosted by TSOhost. I personally recommend them for their fantastic support and amazing service! Here's why I switched over to them Please log in again. The login page will open in a new window. After logging in you can close it and return to this page.

You are here: Ads The website hassles you with ads when you want to create routes, forcing you to wait, or click past them.

Whose data is it anyway? The unsocial network Their attempt at socialising the experience fails miserably. Can you believe it? Thumbnail image used under creative commons license.

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Still seems like your missing some main parts on this app 5. There are so many shitty things about Map My Ride. Save yourself the trouble and avoid this app. It appears that Strava is really where it is at. There is no increase in cost when renewing. Once purchased, the current period cannot be canceled.

Any unused portion of a free trial period is forfeited if you choose to purchase a premium subscription to MVP. Find the full terms and conditions and our privacy policy at https: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. These apps were built to empower healthy and active lifestyles with one mission — to make you better.

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5 reasons why MapMyRide sucks

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