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3. GK Current Affair SSC-IBPS-IAS. This app provides GK quiz and knowledge on a broad range of topics. The app has quite well designed.

They all look relatively nice, even if some like the Jack Daniels themed one can be a bit tacky. There are even themed ones for stuff like Halloween. They're all free to install if you want to see them for yourself. Twelveish Price: Twelveish is a quirky and free Wear OS watch face.

It does the basics like display the time in a variety of colors. However, this one adds a bit of comedy. Along with the full time, it also gives you estimations in large words in the middle of the display. Thus, it may tell you what it's a quarter to ten or so or twelveish. Sometimes it's okay to just have fun with this stuff, right? Some other features include an app data slot via Complications on the bottom and two on either side of the display for a total of three configurable slots.

It worked just fine in our testing. This one is also totally free with no ads or in-app purchases. We'll take it! Ultimate Watch 2 Price: Ultimate Watch 2 is one of the most powerful Wear OS watch faces available. Its feature list reads like a grocery list and it is exceptionally long. Basically, it comes with 21 watch faces or you can build your own.

Android Wear Luxury/Designer Watch Faces

You also get Wear OS Complications for support for almost any app on your watch right on the watch face. Some other features include full Google Fit support along with direct support for plenty of other apps. This thing is a functional all-star and it took us a long time to sift through its various functions. The price isn't half bad either. Watch Face Price: As you might imagine, this watch face bills itself as being minimal and elegant. It also has choices. The developers boast over 20, total watch faces that you can use. Of course, it also has Android Wear 2.

It also has a variety of other options, including the usual stuff like interactive features, Google Fit integration, and other customizations. It also has support for specific apps like Spotify, Pocket Casts, and other apps.

Hand-Picked Watch Faces

It's cheap and has a ton of features. It's one of the better Android Wear watch faces. WatchMaker Watch Faces Price: WatchMaker is a DIY watch face. It competes directly with similar apps like Facer. Designed for Android Wear 2. Astral Analog or digital, with rich photography that rotates as time passes. Atoms A watch face designed to present all of the information that you need.

The best Wear OS watch faces to download

Radius Classic watch design with a fresh twist. Portions Lots of information displayed in a glanceable way. Places Your current location on a beautiful map throughout the day with lots of colors to make it your own. Quoti Large-format, digital time, and lots layouts for all your info. Sleek An all-occasions, minimalistic design. Stellar A traditional watch face with subtle references to classic mechanical watches.

Time-lapse An elegant watch face that features an always-changing background that takes on the color of the sky according to the time of day. Let us know in the comments below. Not only does Ultra pack plenty of info on the screen of your smartwatch, it also manages to look cool and funky while doing so. Some features are locked behind a premium upgrade, but there's plenty to enjoy for free, including weather and battery widgets.

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Free, Google Play. A watch face that makes full use of the complications widgets available in Wear 2. Get weather forecasts, step counts and more, with extra options available for a fee.

The best Wear OS watch faces to download

Designed to be easy to read and minimize battery drain, the Digitless face sets the time in colourful words against a black background. You'll get extra information along the bottom, which vanish in ambient mode, leaving you with just the the time, in words, in white. Free, Facer. If you're after something a bit more elegant - but light on information - this one's a great look, particularly when used with a gold or rose gold case.

Fantastic-looking and with the option to cram in plenty of data on screen, Master is for those who really want to make the most of the smart in smartwatch. As with many faces, you can upgrade to a premium version to access some additional advanced features. Packed with intricate details and fully updated for Wear 2. Some options, including weather widgets, have to be paid for. Not a free watch face but a gorgeously well designed one, with letters, numbers and icons carefully sketched out by its creators. There are light and dark modes, as well as circular and rectangular designs, with the option to have the seconds shown as a series of dots.

For something a little bit different on your wrist , check out Timr, which shows the time and the date and that's about it. You can customize it to suit your own tastes, though, with a choice of 11 different main colors and three background colors to pick from.

Design watch faces

This one also prefers to use words over numbers, but does so in a more creative way by "layering" different coloured blocks or maybe that's meant to be paper on top of each other. We also like Citrus , a similar face by the same maker. Those of you in the market for a smart-looking Wear face and some rather fine lock screen widgets would do well to check out Chronus, which brings weather and fitness information to the fore on your displays in a very well-designed set of interfaces. You have to pay for this one, but once you do you'll receive access to thousands of different watch face options - it's an Aladdin's cave of attractive designs, from digital to analogue and back again, and they can all be customized to suit your personal preferences.

A simple but versatile face, the Classic Light is an official creation from watch maker Vaer. So close to resembling Vaer's physical watches, it even has the m water resistant market in the middle - just remember that it isn't actually going to make your Wear watch any more waterproof.