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Head to the Facebook app, open its settings, and turn notifications off. In those cases, you can go a more nuclear route and block that app from sending notifications altogether, thanks to a setting within Android. Give the notification shade a tug, then tap the cog icon. From here, all devices should be the same.

  • How to Turn Off Notifications for App Updates on Android.
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  • How to turn off notifications in Android.
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  • How to Block Notifications from Any App in Android;

In this list, scroll until you find the problem app, then tap on it. Simple, right? You can also turn notifications back on but repeating this process—you know, in case you start missing the extra attention. Marshmallow has more notification options, but the first part of the process is still the exact same: Again, other devices may have a different name here, like Applications.

Once in the appropriate menu, find the problem app, then tap on it. This is where things differ from Lollipop.

How to Disable Notifications in Android Lollipop

You can also block notifications from the shade itself. Let us know in the comments! Image credit: Explore more about: Android Customization , Notification , Notification Center. Your email address will not be published. I've had a slightly different problem related to temporarily muting notifications and having them automatically unmuted later, like you would want to do at a concert or other event, without having to turn the phone completely off.

Specifically, I have had an issue with notifications from the native Android calendar app breaking through when all system sounds are supposed to be muted i. A third-party app, Volume Timer, has also failed to silence Calendar notifications.

How to Remove FORCE UPDATE From Any Android app

It looks like, with respect to Calendar notifications, at least, the solution is to rely on Android's "Do Not Disturb" function. So in the case of Calendar and possibly other apps which might be giving you problems: If you want notifications to be audible except for occasional events, make sure that the "Block," "Show Silently," and "Priority" settings are off in system settings for that app. Configure Do Not Disturb: Turn on "Do not disturb" at the top of the screen, activating the ability to configure "Sounds and vibrations" and "End time" under the General heading.

Long press "Sounds and vibrations," set to "Total Silence. After the event you can turn off "Do not distub" by simply tapping its icon in the notification shade, and can easily turn it back on at will via the notification shade in the future although you may want to change the silent interval "end time" as outlined above. Now you have temporarily muted a problem app without having to silence it permanently or remember to manually turn sound notifications on later. Hope this works for some other apps besides the Android Calendar app!

How to disable app update notifications on Android

The biggest problem with Android is the Do Not Disturb doesn't temporarily stop notifications. They still pop up and disturb you, just they don't make noise when they do it. Very misleading feature. When I go to sounds and notification in the settings , Then I go to set notification for apps. How do I fix this so I can change some notification?

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  8. For example I only want to get work email notifications when at work. So when I come to work I have to turn them on every morning and turn off every afternoon. Would be great to have an access straight from my home screen in one or two touches. Without going through all the trouble in notifications menu: If you want to get rid of those annoying notifications that vibrate your phone and Flash on your screen even on your PC change the settings in your browser and under notice privacy and security, content settings.

    How To Turn Off App Update Notifications On Android

    Click notifications arrow at far right for the list of Allow, click dots to far right to select remove or block. If there is a blotch there it's needed by Google such as drive, docs, mail so it won't let me block. I did this with my chrome browser on Android and windows Don't I pay you enough money already? Finally, some quiet time. I can't un-tick the "show notification" option. I've installed messenger and I don't want to be notified about the numbers that I've blocked.

    Even if I block numbers on messenger notifications still appear on the notification paper.

    How to Disable Notifications from Any App in Android

    Notifications are ON, and I've assigned the Ringtone to a short "ping". Now, I'm not sure what makes a notification high priority, or how you change that. But what's happening is that Reminders are audibly notifying, even in Priority mode. Now that Reminders have been rolled into Calendar sort of , I no longer need to manually shift uncompleted "to do" calendar entries forward each day.

    I just create a Reminder instead, and it automatically happens. But if it's "all day", which is the case on something that rolls forward every day, then it's going to notify at 9: The problem is: But I need to use my phone in Priority mode during the night to a alert when it's time to take medication, and b to receive any possible emergency call, because we no longer have a landline. Ideally, one could set a default priority for each Reminder, and have the ability to override on an individual basis.

    I found that I get zero notifications because it is muted. Not sure how I did that, and I'm not sure how to undo it.

    How to turn off notifications in Android 9.0 Pie

    Not very helpful, but now you know that you can mute all notifications So happy today that I heard Android N will be making changes to their notification policy, not allowing video, picture, or network notifications. An app and experience can be made or broken with stuff like this. Take Flash Keyboard for example. It seems like a decent app, but the constant bombardment of ads for other apps of the company through a second lock screen is enough to ruin even the whole phone's experience.

    Can't wait for these changes to take effect. I agree with B W. I have apps I want to keep, but they keep turning on notifications after I turn them off.