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Now, the dock background is a little less transparent than it was no gradient! Additionally, the microphone icon now opens the Google Assistant.

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If you've never used the Pixel Launcher before, the noteworthy features are an app drawer that opens when you swipe up from the dock at the bottom of your home screen, as well as a Google search widget embedded at the bottom of the screen right next to your thumb. Unfortunately, the integrated Google Now page won't work, as this feature requires you to install the Pixel Launcher as a system app, which itself requires root.

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However, you can access a few handy settings like the ability to change icon shapes by long-pressing any empty space on the home screen, then tapping the settings gear. How are you liking the Android 9.

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Let us know in the comment section below. Step 1: Hmm, looks nice! Share Your Thoughts Click to share your thoughts. Hot Latest. The Google Now Launcher transforms the front-end of your device.

Much like other launchers such as Nova and Go EX , it alters the look and behavior of things like the home screen, the app drawer, the way apps launch, and app icons. So, what does it actually change? Lots of things actually.

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  • For starters, the Google Now 'contextual assistant' service is just a left-swipe away from your home screen. Here you can view all of your cards at a glance, checking the latest weather, traffic info, and content from the web that you might be into. Another big advantage of the Google Now Launcher is that it gives you 'always-on' access to Google's voice search. You simply need to say "OK Google" then bark a search term or command at your device. This only works when your device is unocked and you're on the home screen but it does make for a time-saving way of checking stuff.

    How to Make Any Android Phone Look EXACTLY Like The Google Pixel 2 Using Launchers + More

    In terms of design and layout, The Google Now Launcher uses a modified version of the stock Android home screen. It dispenses with the five-screen approach though, and reduces it to three screens, with the option to add more. App icons in Google Now Launcher are slightly bigger than the stock Android ones and are more spaced-out in the app drawer, meaning that if you have lots of apps installed you'll be flipping screens a lot to get around.

    Google Now Launcher on MIUI 6 - How to Install! [Mi3, Mi4, Redmi...]

    How to install Google Now Launcher. If you're used to setting up Android launchers you won't have too many issues with Google Now Launcher. In fact, you might even lament the lack of customization options within the Settings menu, which are pretty minimal. Buy now! Unfortunately, the forums have been discontinued.

    How to get the new Google Now launcher on any Android phone or tablet

    All discussion has been moved to the comments section of our articles, so start clicking on the topics you're interested in to dive back into the conversation! Scott Brown May 2, The Google Now Launcher is now listed as incompatible with almost every Android device. If you still use the Google Now Launcher, you can continue to do so, but when you switch devices, you will lose access. We have a great list of alternative launchers to use which you can read here. Editor's Pick.